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Membership to Every Gamers Guild begins at $50 for a single person for a year. Fees include access to all game days for one year, discounted tickets to special events and participation in the organisation's Annual General Meeting. Yearly membership provides a significant discount on the $5 door price, on top of the other benefits and savings. Fees cover the cost of venue hire, insurance and club incorporation fees.

We encourage you to visit our meetings and try them out before joining. Once you've decided to join, you can join online:
2020 Membership at TryBooking.

Support Your Local Games Stores

Show your current Every Gamers Guild membership card to receive a discount from the following local businesses.

The Games Shop, Charlestown Square

Good Games Newcastle, 799/803 Hunter St, Newcastle

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee for 2020 are:


Shannon Frohlich-Terpstra

Vice President

Richard Trout


Alison Cleary


Jacob Mulliett