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About Us


The Every Gamers Guild Inc was born from the forum attached to the gaming article site ImberCorvus.com.

This forum had several members local to the Newcastle area that had limited opportunities to learn or participate in new games outside of their general social circle. Other members played some games regularly but wanted an opportunity to learn and play a wider range of games.

The benefits of an organised group of gamers in Newcastle became apparent at Gencon in 2008, when a large number of Novocastrians found themselves socialising and gaming together, a thousand kilometres from home! Plans to start such a group were put into play shortly afterwards. After much planning and steak, our first meeting was in February, 2009.

After meeting for many years in Wallsend, the costs of the venue led us to a new location. From 2013 the club meets at Charlestown Library's Meeting Room.

Our Events

Since formation, the club has met on the first Saturday of the month. Currently these meetings start at 2pm and run through until 9pm. Simply sign in and collect your name tag. A good way to start a game is to ask if you can jump in on a running game. Or approach someone who is also looking around, and say something along the lines of "Hello, my name is ..., would you like to play a game of ...?". We sometimes use signs or a whiteboard to help 'Players looking for Game' and 'Games looking for Players'. Volunteers at the sign-in desk are available to help introduce you to other players and provide an orientation if requested. To keep our meetings suitable for all gamers, please remember our Code of Conduct.

Growth of the club led to the addition of two more gaming events each month in 2016. Roleplayers meet on the second Saturday, and Board and Card Games on the fourth Friday and in 2017 we added another 'Every Gamer, Every Game' day (particularly suitable for newcomers) on the third Sunday.

In 2018, the success of our meetings allowed us to open all of the meetings to 'Every Game and Every Gamer' once again, with newcomers encouraged to try the day events for their greater variety of options. The financial health of the club allowed a return to the same membership fees as 2009, while meeting four times a month instead of one! As the club continues to grow, we listen to our members needs for more regular or special events.

Other special events during the year include International TableTop Day, our very own 'Big Week-end In', and International Games Day @ Your Library.

Code of Conduct

Code the First - Respect for all and their property: Please respect all who are members and players at the club and treat their property better than you would your own. This means acting in a polite and courteous manner in all endeavours and appreciating the contributions that all members can make to our hobby community.

Code the Second - No alcohol or drugs: Members and guests must refrain from the consumption of alcohol, drugs and other illicit substances a reasonable time before and during club events. All club events are smoke free.

Code the Third - Play Fair: Play fair and encourage fair play in others. Know the rules of what you are playing and follow them. Accept defeat with dignity. Never resort to violence - it is unacceptable in a games club and will result in immediate expulsion.

Code the Fourth - Governance: Members will agree to follow all grievance procedures within the club and utilise the club's internal complaint and dispute resolution system.

Code the Fifth - Responsibility: All players and members will take responsibility for their actions. All participants aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The Code of Conduct (CoC) is designed to ensure that all participants and visitors to EGG events have an enjoyable, safe experience. Members must keep in mind that the EGG is an all-ages, inclusive organization.